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National Museum of Natural History

National Museum of Natural History


Corridor: Diagonal Road, Western Trans-Balkan Road, Sofia-Ohrid Road
Country: Bulgaria, Sofia
National Museum of Natural History

Being the richest natural history museum on the Balkans, the National Museum for Natural History studies, preserves and disseminates information about the living and non-living nature both in Bulgaria and throughout the world. Through its notable scientific collections and its impressive exhibitions, the Museum has gained the reputation of a widely respectable institution over the last 112 years.
The conducted research is connected to the latest national and international priorities in the following fields of study: Biodiversity, Paleontology and Evolution, Ecology, Mineralogy and Nature Conservation.
The NMNH's 112-year old collections consist of more than a thousand species of birds (including rare and extinct species), hundreds of thousands of insects and other invertebrate species, an enormous mineralogical collection containing about one fourth of the world's mineral species, rare crystals gathered from the mines in the Rhodopes and via donations from abroad. Type specimens of many new animals are deposited and preserved by the NMNH. These specimens have been collected from more than sixty countries around the world by the Museum's researchers and then thoroughly described by both Bulgarian and foreign experts