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Easter Eggs Painting Traditions (Vopsitul Oualor)

Easter Eggs Painting Traditions (Vopsitul Oualor)

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Corridor: Eastern Trans-Balkan Road
Country: Romania, Suceava county
Easter Eggs Painting Traditions (Vopsitul Oualor)

Place: Vatra Moldovitei – 20 miles away from Suceava

Among the well-preserved Easter traditions of Bucovina, the painting of the eggs is one definitely worth seeing. In the past, women used natural pigments to get the base color for the eggs - infusions of walnut tree leaves and onion peelings (to dye yellow), blueberries (to dye purple), fir-cones (to dye beige), boiled beet (to dye red), and corn-flower (to dye blue). The eggs were then hand decorated. The technique and quality of the lines, whether curving around the egg, drawing on ancient motifs or representing traditional folk ornaments from the region, are the most important elements of the egg-decorating art.