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Corridor: Via Adriatica
Country: Croatia, Rab

In honour of the King Ludwig the Great, who liberated Rab from the occupation of Venice and in the holy honour and remembrance of St. Christopher, on the 21st of July 1364, the Great Council of tht Town of Rab by means of a special order declared the following holiday community holidays:

I the 9th of May: Dies Victoraie, the day on which Rab was liberated from the Normans in the year 1075 by the support of St. Christopher.

II the 27th of July: Dies Natalis, the day of the martyr's death of St. Christopher – which the church celebrates as the Birthday, the day on which he was born for heaven.

Fori et chori
The festivities always began in the Cathedral and the prince, the judge and the district council had to be present and had to hold candles. In a solemn procession the head of St. Christopher was carried across the town in a silver reliquary. Knight’s games took place and the winner was awarded. Duto be in force. During these holidays the court was not carrying out its activity and the debtors from the villages could freely enter and leave the Town of Rab for two weeks, as the activity of the court ceased to be in force. The public festivity lasted for the St. Jakob's Day on the 25th of July, the St. Anna's Day on the 26th of July and the St. Christopher's Day on the 27th of July.
The today's festivities Holidays of Rab are a remembrance of the ancient Rab which celebrated its liberty and the independent community – the municipium.

From the scripts of Rab's chroniclers.