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Vinkovci Autumns (Vinkovacke Jeseni)

Vinkovci Autumns (Vinkovacke Jeseni)

About the event

Corridor: Diagonal Road, Danube Road
Country: Croatia, Ilok, Vinkovci, Vukovar, Zupanja
Vinkovci Autumns (Vinkovacke Jeseni)

VINKOVCI AUTUMNS is the largest and best known manifestation of original Croatian folklore; it is composed of a series of folklore, sports and economic events and has been held since 1966.
The central manifestation of VINKOVCI AUTUMNS is the national folklore festival with performances by the best cultural and artistic groups from Croatia and the diaspora.

The official opening of VINKOVCI AUTUMNS is regularly preceded by a County folklore festival – traditional songs, dances and scenes of traditional Slavonian customs, performed by the folklore groups of Vukovar-Srijem County.

Other performances: Children’s Autumn, City Parade and Horse Carriage Show; “Sokacki Councils”