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Festival of Dalmatian Klape (Acapello groups)

Festival of Dalmatian Klape (Acapello groups)

About the event

Corridor: Via Adriatica
Country: Croatia, Omis
Festival of Dalmatian Klape (Acapello groups)

National festival of Dalmatian klape singing (acapello groups) whose aim it is to preserve and promote secular popular melodies and to encourage creation of contemporary klapa songs.
The festival is of a competitive character, with the best klape receiving an award (three prizes given by the jury and audience, the Bascinski voice prize and plaques for debutants, melographs and a prize for the author of the best lyrics of contemporary songs).
The artistic director of the festival: Miljenko Grgic.
The festival of Dalmatian klapa in Omis has been held since the year 1967.