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International Festival of Patras

International Festival of Patras

About the event

Corridor: Via Adriatica
Country: Greece, Patras
International Festival of Patras

The International Festival of Patras has been actively participating in the city's cultural life for the last 14 years. Right from the beginning, the citizens have accepted the institution, thanks to its original character and imaginative projects.
New venues were created or put into shape, in order to host a variety of cultural activities.
At the same time, the Festival makes its own productions or cooperates with other artists. Also, the Festival's program is constantly being enriched with new ideas every year, a useful "habit" that has transformed the Festival into one of the most important institutions in Greece today. Besides, it is no coincidence that all these years, some of the most important foreign artists have participated in the Patras International Festival.
Today, the Patras International Festival is currently redefining its objectives and orientation in sight of the new millennium. It is directed by a three-member Committee and a Cultural Counselor.