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KOPRIVSHTICA 2006 Laureats from 2005

KOPRIVSHTICA 2006 Laureats from 2005

About the event

Corridor: Diagonal Road
Country: Bulgaria, Koprivshtica
KOPRIVSHTICA 2006 Laureats from 2005

Over the years the interest and homage to the native musical, dance and verbal folklore progressively increased and in 1965 the National Festival of Bulgarian Folklore, Koprivshtica, was established. On that occasion, thousands of singers, players of musical instruments, dancers, and performers of ancient rituals, rites and work practices gathered in the lovely Voevodini meadows near Koprivshtica. It was a real triumph of old Bulgarian traditional culture and one can hardly describe or understand it unless joining the event in the meadows.

Fortunately, it turned into a tradition every five years Koprivshtica to be the center of national pride and happiness. Guests and specialists from all over the world came in crowds to the festival and everywhere people spoke of it as one of the world’s wonders.

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