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The International Theatre festival "Varna Summer"

The International Theatre festival

About the event

Corridor: Via Pontica
Country: Bulgaria, Varna
The International Theatre festival

The International Theatre festival "Varna Summer" is held every year from 1 to 11 June and is part of the big Festival of the Arts held in the town of Varna, which includes also ballet, folk, choir, jazz, film and puppet festivals and an international graphic biennial
The festivals held in 1993, 1994 and 1995 were of a national scope - their program consisted of the best Bulgarian theatre productions for the respective season. From 1996 on the festival practically became an international forum through the participation of prestigious foreign theatre groups, selectionists, directors of European festivals and theatre critics. What is more - the parallel program of the festival is gaining greater importance and thus the festival turns into a concentrated time and space, in which a series of smaller projects are being realized - workshops, scenographic exhibitions, seminars, discussions, critical debates, etc.