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Mostar – Historic Urban Site

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Mostar – Historic Urban Site

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Corridor: Via Adriatica
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mostar
Type: Historic Town
Epoch: 20th Century, Modern Times, Middle Ages
World Heritage:
20th CenturyModern TimesMiddle AgesHistoric Town

Mostar is one of the most picturesque and important cities in the Mediterranean region. Here you will feel how nature and human creativity interact in harmony during the centuries. For the unique spirit of the town also contributes the coexistence of the three major faiths – Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
Stari Grad (Old Town) of Mostar is the oldest part, founded already in the 15th century. You will notice how the town developed around the Old Bridge defining mahalas (small residential quarters) grouped around the trading area of the carsija – the commercial street. Some of the most important buildings that you will meet are built in the period from 15th to 19th century.
Namely here is located the only building in Bosnia and Herzegovina designed by the great architect Sinan - the Karadoz-beg Mosque. According to the inscription it was constructed in 1557-58. The Mosque is one of the few mosques in South-Eastern Europe with preserved original wall painting decoration. Have deep look and you will find four different layers of paintings – form 16th, from 17th-18th, from 19th and from 20th centuries. Don’t miss to see the architectural ensemble around the mosque – with Madrassa (muslim school), fountain and graveyard. The Karadoz-beg Library was situated in the Madrassa.
Over the centuries, Mostar expanded and its appearance enriched with the achievements of new generations, especially at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. That is the time when according to document the synagogue was raised in Mostar. In 1952 the Jewish community donated the building to the city. Thus, the temple premises began to house the Puppet Theatre. And in the courtyard you will find part of the scriptures that have been decorated the facade of the synagogue.

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