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Belgrade Fort

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Belgrade Fort

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Corridor: Diagonal Road, Danube Road
Country: Serbia, Belgrade
Type: Fortress
Epoch: Modern Times, Middle Ages, Antiquity
Theme: Fortresses
World Heritage:
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Belgrade Fortress is a multi-layered and very complex monument, built, rebuilt and changed many times, in a long period between 2nd and 18th century. It is erected at the mouth of the river Sava into the Danube, on a very important strategic point. Belgrade has been always the gate between Central and South Eastern Europe, an important military point, at the same time - economic and cultural crossroad of Europe.
Nowadays, the Belgrade fort is transformed to the most beautiful park. It is, certainly, the most attractive part of the capital of Serbia. Here you will find some museums, among them a very rich Military museum, established in 1896, as well as Belgrade zoo and Small Astronomic Observatory open for children.
From many positions you can enjoy in magnificent landscape.