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Corridor: Via Egnatia, Western Trans-Balkan Road
Country: Greece, Imathia
Type: Vernacular Architecture
Epoch: Modern Times
Theme: Vernacular Architecture
World Heritage:
Modern TimesVernacular ArchitectureVernacular Architecture

Veroia is a town with a long history, it has a rich past which influenced its development right up to the present. Starting in the 18th century its commercial activity, the attraction of capital and economic growth has been dynamically reflected in its form. Though it was divided into self-governing neighbourhoods which represented various resident nationalities, the vernacular houses, the mansions, the mosques, the churches, the baths and the variety of buildings in general, this does not cancel out the unity of the architectural appearance of the town but, on the contrary, serves to compose a fascinating built whole and a great deal of effort is being expended to preserve it.
The urban tissue of Veroia kept its medieval character untouched until practically the middle of the 20th century The passageways, the open areas and the squares are the features which unify the urban space.

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