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Gamzigrad, Felix Romuliana archeological site

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Gamzigrad, Felix Romuliana archeological site

About the site

Corridor: Diagonal Road
Country: Serbia, Zajecar
Type: Ancient Site
Epoch: Antiquity
Theme: Antiquity
World Heritage: Cultural Heritage
AntiquityAntiquityAncient SiteCultural Heritage

The archaeological site of Gamzigrad contains the remains of Felix Romuliana: a residence and memorial complex of the Roman Emperor Galerius who reigned from 297 to 311. Ruins of a fortification with a palace and other public buildings have been found on one of the hills at the site, and of tombs and mausoleums on an adjacent hill. The imperial complex is notable for the wealth of materials used in its construction and decoration, as well as fort its finely sculpted architectural elements (pillars, capital, walls). The sculptures and mosaics decorating the palace are of high artistic value too. The floor mosaics are especially beautiful, displaying craftsmanship and quality of materials rarely seen in the entire Roman Empire. The layout of the buildings of the fortified imperial palace and memorial is unique.
Council of Europe, RPSEE
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