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Karaca Magarasi Cave

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Karaca Magarasi Cave

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Corridor: Via Pontica
Country: Turkey, Celebi, Gumushane
Type: Cultural Landscape
Epoch: 20th Century
World Heritage:
20th CenturyCultural Landscape

Karaca Magarasi is known since ancient times, the entrance area was used as a natural shelter by ancient man. The area around the cave consists of 1000m thick andezitic and basaltic lavas, tufas and agglomerates. In between this volcanic rocks lie some small patches of sedimentary rocks of limestone and marl. The cave is located in such a patch of marble, which is heavily fractured.
Karaca cave has abundant speleothems, and the most impressive sight are numerous rimstone pools. Getting bigger and more beautiful towards the end of the cave they are up to 1m deep. The pools are often filled with dripping water, but there is no cave river any more. The tour follows the horizontal main passage of the cave through four chambers. Two of the chambers are divided by such an amount of speleothems, that most people would count six chambers. The passage is rather big, starting at about 2m at the entrance it becomes higher and the average height is 18m.

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