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Corridor: Via Anatolia
Country: Turkey, Mugla and Antalya
Type: Ancient Site
Theme: Antiquity
World Heritage: Cultural Heritage
AntiquityAncient SiteCultural Heritage

This site, which was the capital of Lycia, illustrates the blending of Lycian traditions and Hellenic influence, especially in its funerary art. The epigraphic inscriptions are crucial for our understanding of the history of the Lycian people and their Indo-European language.


This archaeological site was the capital of ancient Lycia. Here we can see the blending of local, Lycian traditions and Hellenic influence. The best example of this are the tombs, which give us an insight into the funerary rites of the Lycians. Many inscriptions have also been found here, helping scholars learn more about the language and history of this ancient people.

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