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Corridor: Via Adriatica
Country: Slovenia, Koper, Coast and Karst region
Type: Historic Town
Epoch: Middle Ages
Theme: Antiquity, Fortresses
World Heritage:
Middle AgesAntiquityFortressesHistoric Town

Situated at a latitude of 45°32,5' North and at longitude 13°45,5' East, with a characteristic Mediterranean climate partly influenced by the continental interior. This is Koper with its mild winters and warm and dry summers. Is there anything more pleasant than standing on the seaside, embraced by a soft north-west breeze, admiring the scarlet sky on a day when the scirocco blows or watching the sea in its wild dance of waves stirred by the northern wild? Carved grey Istrian limestone, eight squares situated at the outer edge of the town covered with a carpet of white stone, eleven other squares, remnants of an ancient city wall, narrow intertwining streets leading to the main square, boasting the largest cathedral in Slovenia - all this narrates the story of the past and of the present moment. Step by step the facades of the buildings and their interiors reveal the millennial history of Koper, once Iustinopolis, Capris, evoke the era of the Venetian Republic, the golden age of the Gothic and Renaissance - up to the present moment. The climax of the summer in Koper - the Yellow night with the largest and longest lasting fireworks, with the greatest number of events taking place in the open air, a family holiday, a real national festivity. Let yourself go to the rhythm of the summer, enjoy the theater performances taking place within the ancient city wals, and in winter drink a toast to the coming New Year and to all the years to come. Enjoy the local handicrafts, taste the typical local dishes like the jota (a soup with pickled cabbage), the bobici (corn soup), polenta (corn porridge), cod, the fish soup, fish specialities and the typical local wines.

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