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Motovun Historical Settlement

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Motovun Historical Settlement

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Corridor: Via Adriatica
Country: Croatia, Motovun
Type: Fortress, Historic Town
Epoch: Middle Ages
Theme: Fortresses
World Heritage:
Middle AgesFortressesFortressHistoric Town

Motovun is a settlement in the central region of the Istrian Peninsula on the south side of the Mirna River Valley. Its economy is based on agriculture, wine and ranching.
The oldest core of the town is belted with well-preserved city walls from the 13th and 14th century and today serves as a promenade. Within the core are several Romantic and Gothic houses. The three sections of the town are connected with a system of external and internal fortifications with walls, towers and city gates. Situated on the main square is the Gothic-Romantic bell tower with scalloped parapet at the top (18-19th century) and the Renaissance palace-castle with adaptations from the 16-19th centuries. Beneath the main square is the public water reservoir and stone plaque with city crest dating back to the 14-15th centuries.
The parish church, St. Stjepan (St. Steven), the construction of which began in the early 17th century carries late Renaissance markings. The painting of the Last Supper in the sanctuary is attributed to Stefano Celesti (17th century) and the marble statues at the main altar are the work of Francesco Bonazza from 1725. There are also a Baroque carved chair (17th century), ceiling painting made by the neoclassicist Giuseppe Bernadino Bisson in the late 18th century and an organ, work of Gaetana Callida (Venice, 18-19th century). Of the church inventory, the gilded movable altar with reliefs of the crucifixion and saints (14th century), the processional cross from the 14th century with ornamental handle from the 15th century, the chalice with enamel ornaments (15th century), the osculatorium (1606), the reliquary (17th century) and the candelabras (from 1714 and 1739) stand out in particular.

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