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Corridor: Diagonal Road
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Konjic
Type: Intangible Heritage
Theme: Intangible Heritage
World Heritage:
Intangible HeritageIntangible Heritage

Due to its malleability, wood can be treated with simple tools and certain techniques which make it suitable for decoration or woodcarving. Hence, woodcarving has been a folk craft since time immemorial. Talented individuals decorated every useable item, from various dishes, distaffs, musical instruments, etc. Craftsmen from Konjic stand out in the wide range of woodcarvers. It is interesting that woodcarvers from the vicinity of Konjic displayed their products only at town fairs. Austrian state officials took notice of the woodcarvers from Konjic and began employing them at various local and international fairs. In order to improve their craft, the Konjic masters, although working according to oriental tradition, also made furniture adapted to the European lifestyle. The woodcarvers from Konjic have managed to preserve their craft to this day, retaining its traditional value while adapting it to contemporary trends.

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