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Miraculous Icon of the Holy Mother

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Miraculous Icon of the Holy Mother

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Corridor: Diagonal Road
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cajnice
Type: Intangible Heritage
Theme: Intangible Heritage
World Heritage:
Intangible HeritageIntangible Heritage

The mountain town of Cajnice is situated in eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina. The town is known for the Cajnice Miraculous Icon of the Holy Mother of God that is kept in the Church of the Ascension of the Holy Mother of God.
According to folk and church tradition, the icon is one of three similar art works by St Luke the Evangelist. The icon is painted on both sides of a wooden board. One side depicts the Holy Mother of God with little Jesus in her arms and the other depicts St John the Baptist. The painted surface of the icon is covered with silver and gold fittings crafted in 1868 by the filigree artisan Risto Andric. The icon was allegedly owned by the Nemanjici. King Uros gave it to the Banja Monastery as a token of gratitude for being healed. It resided in that monastery until the relics of St Sava were taken from the Mileseva Monastery and the Banja Monastery was burned down. It was saved from the fire by a peasant who took it to the old church in Cajnice.
The icon is widely known for its miraculous healing powers and is, therefore, respected not only by the Christian Orthodox, but by Catholics, Muslims and Jews, as well. The largest pilgrimage is organised in September during the Feast of Mala Gospoina (Nativity of the Virgin Mary).

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