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Galichnik Wedding

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Galichnik Wedding

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Corridor: Via Egnatia, Sofia-Ohrid Road
Country: FYR of Macedonia, Galichnik
Type: Intangible Heritage
Theme: Intangible Heritage
World Heritage:
Intangible HeritageIntangible Heritage

In the heart of Miyak region, some 110 km. south-west of Skopje, in the bosom of Bistra Mountain, at 1,300 metres above sea level, situated is Galichnik village. By its unique buildings, unusual landscapes drawn right there by nature, but foremostly by centuries-represented love through the Galichnik wedding.
In times past, on the day of celebration of St. Peter (the 12th of July), up to 50 wedding ceremonies could be held. Because of it the villagers of Galichnik working abroad and young men (future bridegrooms) had the opportunity to return to their birth place at summer. The wedding itself and the entire string of affiliated ceremonies that used to last for weeks, nowadays are reduced to a day only (Saturday evening until Sunday noon). Wedding days’ rituals were aimed at accentuating the most important day in human life – the transition from boyhood/girlhood to a married adult. The wedding garments have had protective and magic role, at the same time expressing the peak of life, potency and energy, fertility and beauty of the grooms.
Today, the village is a venue for numerous events, such as the International Art Colony and the Literary Colony.

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