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The Rose Valley

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The Rose Valley

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Corridor: Diagonal Road, Eastern Trans-Balkan Road
Country: Bulgaria, Kazanluk, Karlovo, Klissoura
Type: Cultural Landscape, Intangible Heritage
Theme: Intangible Heritage
World Heritage:
Intangible HeritageCultural LandscapeIntangible Heritage

The Valley of the Roses, also called the Rose Valley, is one of the most romantic places in Bulgaria. Go there in the middle of May and you will enjoy open vistas of roses, taste the aroma of the most beautiful flower, and hear the mesmerizing songs of the rose pickers who had come here at the break of dawn.
Roses have been grown in these lands since ancient times. They are used for the production of the world-famous Bulgarian rose oil. Thanks to its noble aroma, the rose oil is used for the making of perfumes and also in medicine.
Rose-growing is imbued with centuries-old traditions and beliefs. The worship the Bulgarians bestow on the rose is connected with their veneration of beauty. The ancient customs have survived until the present day thanks to folklore – the rose petal is featured in embroidery patterns, recreated in legends, and comes alive in music and dances. The rose is a symbol of beauty, perfection and love. It is no coincidence that the rose is considered the queen of flowers. This is why the beautiful flower has been worshipped be people since ancient times.

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