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Ribnica, The Crafts In The Old City

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Ribnica, The Crafts In The Old City

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Corridor: Diagonal Road
Country: Slovenia, Ribnica, Dolenjski region
Type: Vernacular Architecture, Intangible Heritage
Epoch: Modern Times, Middle Ages
Theme: Vernacular Architecture, Intangible Heritage
World Heritage:
Modern TimesMiddle AgesVernacular ArchitectureIntangible HeritageVernacular ArchitectureIntangible Heritage

Ribnica is one of Slovenia’s oldest towns that can tell you numerous interesting stories. Even before reaching it, the visitors can see the two tall belfries of the city church and the Ribnica castle of the 10th century.
The city’s rich cultural heritage is preserved through numerous legends, traditions and crafts. You will find a tradition handed down from generation to generation for more than 200 years in the Pogorelec-Cesarek pottery workshop. You are welcome to learn more and participate, along with the masters, in the making of small clay pots, milk bowls and various toy whistles. Wood carving as famous craft. If you visit master Franc Jaklic, he will show you various techniques for making wooden vessels with the help of unique instruments. He will tell you curious facts about the types of wood he uses, which is one of the secrets of the craft.

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