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Corridor: Via Pontica
Country: Bulgaria, Kamen bryag
Type: Cultural Landscape
World Heritage:
Cultural Landscape

Between Shabla and Kavarna is situated the Yaylata area, well known as Kamen bryag (Stone shore). Here the plateau of Dobrudzha is indented in terraces. In this way were formed many creeks, surrounded by stone blocks and verdure. Exactly on such kind of terrace is situated this land, daclared an archeological reserve, because a Thracian necropolis and prehistoric cave-dwellings have been discovered.
There are two parts of the Yayla Reserve.
The first one is called Little Yayla situated near to the sea, where the caves in the high part of landslides were adapted to living. These were small dwellings where primitive way of life flourished.
The second one - Big Yayla - is famous for the ancient Thracian necropolis with two-chamber tombs, dating from the 2nd century BC. One of the caves is quite deep and has a round opening on the ceiling probably used for leading the smoke out. A path will lead you to a fortified wall with remains of stone tubs and a wine press.
Those lands have been inhabited by Thracians, Greeks, Romans, Slavs and proto-Bulgarians, who rendered there homage to their gods.
Except for the remains of ancient civilizations, the place is famous for the variety of flora and fauna. The rocks echo by the cries of numerous bird species. Many reptiles hide in the rock cracks, and bushes, globe flowers and fig trees are marvelous decoration of this quiet place, which lets your fancy roam.

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