Cultural Corridors of South East Europe

Human Rights and Cultural Heritage, 2009

The Logo

The Logo

The logo of the Conference (designer Krassen Krestev) is inspired by the vision of human rights on the cultural heritage.

The red ochre handprints on the walls of prehistoric caves in Europe, Africa, America and Australia are among the most ancient examples of human heritage. It was the way of prehistoric people to express their belief that something belongs to them, it was their way to identify themselves: “I exist!”, “This is Me!”, “I have been here!”.

By placing your hand on something you say that you have right on it. According to the legends, a Dutch lord cut his hand and threw it in front of him to gain new lands. The hand has 28 phalanges and this is related to the Lunar calendar and the menstrual cycle – thus related to time. The raised hand expresses your openness and benevolence, your consent – you raise your hand as your right of vote or you shake hands with your partners to seal friendship or a deal. With your hand you connect with the spirit of the place or with the sacred object that you rub for luck. With your hand you ascertain that something is real, authentic. With your hand you touch something that you love…

This is the sense of the logo of the Conference “Human Rights and Cultural Heritage”. The hand on the cultural values in their variety that belong to you by right – not necessarily as your own property, but as a moral domain. The right of man on the cultural heritage.

Evaluate the logic of the designer Krassen Krestev in the attached file.