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Villa of Mogorjelo

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Villa of Mogorjelo

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Corridor: Via Adriatica
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Capljina
Type: Ancient Site
Epoch: Antiquity
Theme: Antiquity
World Heritage:
AntiquityAntiquityAncient Site

The site is of considerable artistic and aesthetic value. As a site with all the characteristics of the new economic system in the Roman Empire, the Villa at Mogorjelo precedes the culture of the Early Middle Ages.
An Italic settler had a private manor complex built for agricultural purposes on the Mogorjelo site in the mid 1st century. This building was burned down in the 3rd century. In the early 4th century, a state-owned estate was constructed over the ruins, with a Villa which now forms the major feature of the complex. The Villa at Mogorjelo supplied the town of Narone. The main building in Mogorjelo was a large palace consisted of a row of rooms. The rooms on the upper floor were designed as luxury accommodation, with mosaic floors and walls decorated with artificial marble.
The estate was destroyed in a major fire. In the mid-5th century, two basilicas were erected within the ruined walls in the north-eastern corner of the former Villa.

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