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Temple of Augustus

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Temple of Augustus

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Corridor: Via Adriatica
Country: Croatia, Pula
Type: Ancient Site
Epoch: Antiquity
Theme: Antiquity
World Heritage:
AntiquityAntiquityAncient Site

The Temple, situated in the Forum, is dedicated to goddess Roma and Emperor Augustus. It was constructed between the year 2 BC and 14 AD when the Emperor died. According to its shape it follows the typical pattern of temples. The function of the Temple changed through the years: with the ending of the pagan ancient era, its original pagan function ceased and the temple was afterwards used as a church, granary, and in the beginning of the 19th century, it was a museum for stone monuments. In 1944, it was hit by a bomb and completely destroyed. It was reconstructed between 1945 and 1947 and nowadays it houses a collection of ancient stone and bronze sculptures.

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