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Fethija Mosque, Bihach

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Fethija Mosque, Bihach

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Corridor: Diagonal Road
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bihach
Type: Islamic religious centre
Epoch: Middle Ages
Theme: Islamic Culture
World Heritage:
Middle AgesIslamic CultureIslamic religious centre

The Gothic Church of St Anthony has survived June 1592.. After the conquest of Bihac, it was turned into a mosque and given the name Fethija (from fath, victory), as were mosques in Jajce (St Mary's Church) and Soko near Gracanica.
There is no reliable document providing the exact date of construction. Stylistically, it appears to date from the late fourteenth century. Marko Vego notes that it was built in 1266 and that it served as the borough church under Dominican administration. In Mujezinovic's view, the building probably dated from the fourteenth century, since a plaque close to the apse bore the date 1400. He also notes that there was a Dominican monastery alongside the church, to which there is reference in the thirteenth century.
The Gothic bell tower of the building served as a minaret until 1863, when it was so dilapidated that it was pulled down and a new minaret was erected.

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