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Fortress Gumniste, Artana Novobrdo

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Fortress Gumniste, Artana Novobrdo

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Corridor: Diagonal Road, Sofia-Ohrid Road
Country: Serbia, Gumniste, Artana, Novobrdo
Type: Fortress
Epoch: Middle Ages
Theme: Fortresses
World Heritage:
Middle AgesFortressesFortress

Along with archaeological remains of an ancient settlement, this fortress preserves buildings and facilities from a fortified mediaeval city. The ancient settlement demonstrates the interlacing of Hellenic culture and the local Illyrian culture. The mediaeval city shows the mutual influences between two other, later cultures and traditions: the European and the Islamic ones. The impressive archaeological remains and architectural features (such as the fortress walls of the mediaeval city) as well as the beautiful natural environment of the fortress make it an attractive site of cultural and natural tourism.
Council of Europe, RPSEE
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