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Radauti Church of St. Nicolas

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Radauti Church of St. Nicolas

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Corridor: Eastern Trans-Balkan Road
Country: Romania, Suceava
Type: Christian religious centre
Epoch: Middle Ages
World Heritage:
Middle AgesChristian religious centre

The oldest Orthodox church preserved in Moldavia dates back from the 2nd half of the 14th century. It was erected as a Romanesque structure comprising a longitudinal composition with a nave and two aisles ending in an altar apse. In order to adapt the traditional Romanesque Catholic inner space to the requirements of the orthodox cult a partition was introduced to split the five bays between the two main rooms of the Orthodox church: the Naos and the Pronaos. In the 16th century a exonarthex was built towards the West and the entrances where diverted from the East-West axis towards North and South for climatic protection reasons.

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