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Cultural Corridor Eastern Trans-Balkan Road / Eastern Trans-Balkan Road

The Church "Holy Emperors Constantine and Elena"

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Corridor: Eastern Trans-Balkan Road
Country: Romania, Targosviste
Type: Christian religious centre
Epoch: Modern Times
World Heritage:
Modern TimesChristian religious centre

The church is important due to its architectural and historic value, being one of the most remarkable princely monuments found next to the Princely Court of Targoviste, representing a landmark of the architectural style of Matei Basarab’s age. Also it is part of a structural group of monuments with common planimetric-volumetric characteristics.The architectural value of the church is enhanced by the artistic component of the paintings made in 1753, as well as the decoration carved in stone, representing an eloquent example of artistic skills and refinement of the stone craftsmen of the time.

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